Kubota G231 Diesel Ride-on Mower - Low Dump

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Acres of power

Kubota’s powerful diesel engines provide all the power you need for demanding mowing tasks.

Impressive performance

The powerful HST gearbox guarantees high travelling and working speeds.

Ample comfort

The new G Series mowers offer excellent working and operating comfort, which makes life easier for the operator.

Efficient working

The G series mowers are equipped with an improved Hydrostatic Transmission that can handle demanding high-speed work.

Perfect cut

No matter whether the grass is tall or dense, wet or dry, the machine’s mower deck guarantees excellent mowing performance in all conditions.

Fast emptying

The mower offers yet another great feature: no grass collector in their category can be raised and opened faster


Powerful Kubota diesel engines with 22 or 25 hp. Plenty of muscle for effortless mowing of even high or wet grass. Improved safety thanks to the new engine stop lever. The resonator significantly reduces noise levels during mowing. Shorter downtimes thanks to easy maintenance and large fuel tank.


Smooth single-pedal control for speed and direction changes. Fastest in its class with a driving speed of 19 km/h. Optional road homologation kit allows. Electromagnetic PTO clutch reduces hydraulic losses compared to a hydraulic clutch. New hydrostatic transmission (HST) enables excellent climbing performance.


The hydrostatic Transmission permits high mowing speeds under even the most demanding conditions. The grass collector can be easily emptied at the touch of a button. A new throttle valve for the hydrostatic transmission provides enhanced dynamic braking feel. An additional throttle valve for the mower deck and the grass collector enables you to adjust the working speed.

Mower deck

Ingenious grass flow between the machine and the grass collector prevents clumping. Mower deck with 122 cm or 137 cm cutting width guarantees superior mowing performance. Electromagnetic PTO clutch provides greater power reserves. Increased volume of the mower’s discharge chute reduces the risk of clogging.

Grass collector

Large-volume grass collection with high or low discharge options. Fastest opening and lifting speeds in its performance class. The grass collector can be tilted at almost any angle and height. The Kross Control joystick makes it easy to control the lifting and lowering of the grass collector. Long service life of key components thanks to HD (High Density) steel construction.

Models Engine model Engine (HP) Mower Deck Grass Collector
G231-LD-48D902 22 48 (122cm)Low Dump
G231-HD-48 D90222 48 (122cm) High Dump