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Hawk 43 AD 60V

Introducing our new Hawk 43 SP 60V cordless lawnmower. This 43cm wide battery mower starts at a push of a button and comes with variable speed so you can mow at your pace. The Hawk 43 is ideal for someone who has a small garden as it's really easy to manoeuvre and can be vertically stored away, reducing the amount of space usually required by a lawn mower by up to 70%¹.

Best powered by a 4.0Ah 60V** battery, this mower will have your lawn striped to perfection. And when you're done, simply remove the 60V battery and transfer it into one of the compatible Toro® 60V garden tools, part of the Flex-Force Power System®, for complete ease and flexibility.

Recommended kit: L216 4.0 Ah 60V Battery and 2.0 Amp Standard Charger.

The battery and charger are included in the package price. 

Features and Benefits

  • The 43cm cutting width is ideal for small lawns (up to 300 square metres) formal gardens with minimal slopes.
  • Reduce the storage footprint needed by up to 70%¹ by storing the mower upright.
  • Let the mower do all the work. The Power Boost technology maximises run-time by providing more power only when needed.
  • Self-propelled. Let the lawnmower do all of the work so you can simply walk behind and steer.

Additional Benefits

  • Compatible with Toro's Flex-Force Power System®. Simply remove the 60V battery and transfer it into one of the compatible Toro® 60V garden tools for complete ease and flexibility.
  • Experience a mower that starts first time, every time with the push of a button.
  • Create perfectly sharp stripes with the integrated ribbed rear roller. For effortless mowing with great results.
  • Set the power at the highest setting for event tougher conditions
  • Enjoy a cordless mowing experience with no compromise on power with the high-performing Brushless DC motor.
  • High performing cut and collection system uses the front and side fins to remove grass clippings once cut.
  • One-touch height-of-cut button. Choose between seven different heights (19 - 70mm) for your desired grass length.
  • Easily carry from storage to lawn with the integrated carry handle
  • Easy to empty grassbag can be easily removed when the handlebars are folded in the upward position.
  • Tough, high-impact ABS polymer underdeck for low weight, improved collection and reduced noise.
  • Ergonomically designed Operator Presence Control (OPC) levers for comfortable mowing experience and easier handling, especially around small formal gardens.


POWER SOURCE : 60V** Battery

*Domestic use only, annual service required. 3-year residential warranty for 60V battery and charger
**Battery manufacturer rating = 60V maximum & 54V typical usage. Actual voltage varies with load.
¹Space savings are in relation to the space consumed by a Hawk 43cm walk behind lawn mower that is stored with the handle in the standard operating position.

SMALL LAWN • Recommended up to • 200m2 with 2.5Ah battery (Hawk 36). • 300m2 with 4.0Ah battery (Hawk 43). • Approximinately one tennis court.

  Hayter 2021 Brochure

The background story on Hayter

Creating Matchless British Lawn Care Products For 75 Years

The Hayter name has been synonymous with revolutionary lawnmowers and beautiful British gardens for over three quarters of a century. What began as a small cottage business has grown to become the UK’s largest and most respected manufacturer of rear roller lawnmowers thanks to the pioneering vision of founder Douglas Hayter.

A tireless focus on unrivalled British quality, innovation, craftsmanship and engineering has remained an integral part of Hayter’s DNA for more than 75 years. Throughout the company’s history, Hayter have continually invested in people, facilities and technology to consistently deliver the pinnacle of lawnmower manufacturing.

Their team of experts design and manufacture high-quality lawn care products with individual customer needs at the forefront of their minds. Taking into account the individual experiences and needs of our British customer base drives the Hayter design team to create and innovate products with the utmost care and attention to detail. All teams under the Hayter name work to the highest possible standards, combining the best of technology and traditional thinking to fulfil the mission statement to be the “Maker of the finest mowers”.

Since the very first Hayter® Motor Scythe was created, we have strived to deliver an enjoyable and effortless mowing experience, as well as the ability to create a beautiful lawn and our sought-after Hayter Stripes with ease. We’re proud to offer an extraordinary range of electric, petrol and battery powered lawnmowers, along with outstanding Toro® power tools, to transform lawn maintenance efficiency for homeowners and contractors across the UK.

A Captivating Legacy Steeped in British History

Hayter has a unique and thoroughly British story to tell about how the finest quality lawnmowers came to be, taking us back to 1946. Unmoved by his simple life in Bishop’s Stortford, Douglas Hayter uncovered a hidden love affair with engineering that began with the servicing of aeroplane engines.
The ground breaking engineer and owner of his own building company conceptualised the iconic Hayter rotary lawnmower after seeing a 100-year-old horse-drawn rotary mower in the London Science Museum. Upon returning to his home in the small village of Spellbrook, Hertfordshire, he crafted a mower frame by hand using a collection of spare pieces he had, and combined them with a second hand two-stroke engine. By the very next day, the very first Hayter rotary lawnmower, complete with a dustbin lid over the rotor, was brought to life and 1946 saw Hayter incorporated as a limited company.

Premium Mowers Worthy of Their Royal Warrant

The new engine-powered lawnmower caught the attention of an eager neighbour who requested a mower of his own. It was after this brief encounter that demand for the exciting product steadily grew as people began to recognise its potential as an innovative gardening tool. In 1947 the new Hayter Motor Scythe went into full production, offering UK gardeners a hand-propelled motor mower with a 24” cut. The first of Mr. Hayter’s customers included Ipswich Town Council who sought out the product after learning of its unique capabilities. Further developments to the product included the fitting of a safety stone guard to the mower deck and the installation of a four-stroke engine with horizontal crankshaft when resources became more readily available toward the end of the decade.
By 1960, Hayter was awarded a Royal Warrant for the supply of horticultural equipment to Her Majesty the Queen at the Sandringham Estate, revealing that the matchless British Craftmanship and innovative engineering of the Hayter range was worthy of Royal acclaim. Today, Hayter continue to supply lawnmowers to the British Royal estate, which remains the highest possible honour and speaks of the company’s commitment to impeccable quality.

Experience the revolutionary Hayter range today and discover quality British lawnmowers with a difference.