U56-5 GL: Rubber Tracks; Long Arm

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U56-5 GL: Rubber Tracks; Long Arm

Kubota’s Stage V-compliant, 5-tonne U56-5 is packed with class-leading features that deliver Impressive performance, manoeuvrability, comfort, and safe operation.
Fluorinated greenhouse gases

High power, lower emissions, outstanding reliability and economic performance are all delivered by Kubota’s V2607-CR-E5 direct-injection, fully Stage V-compliant engine, complete with CRS and DPF.

The built-in load-sensing system automatically takes account of load size and adjusts the hydraulics to deliver optimum productivity, smooth operation, and fuel efficiency.

Built to make your job easier with features such as a dozer blade float function for easier, ground finishing and tight tail swing to help where space is confined.

With a reach of up 6.1m, a maximum dig depth of 3.63m, and an impressive digging force of up to 42.3kN, the U56-5 is supremely well-equipped to take on a wide range of challenges.

Class leading comfort and superb all-round vision with a large, quiet cab with, a deluxe seat, air con, and easy-to-use controls.

Bright LED working lights for enhanced visibility, plus a highly visible orange seat belt and alarm, and a range of other built-in operational safety features.

Model : U56-5
Machine Weight (kg) :  5520
Power (kW/hp) :  35/47.6
Max Speed (km/h) :  4.8
Max Dig Depth (mm)  : 3630
Max Reach (mm) :  5965
Max Digging Force Arm/Bucket (kN)  : 26.4/42.3
Aux Flow 1 :  75 l/min @ 210 kgf/cm2
Aux Flow 2 : 37 l/min @ 210 kgf/cm2
Overall width (mm) :  1960
Transport height (mm) :  5490

  • Powered by the reliable, economic, high power, Stage V-compliant, direct-injection Kubota V2607-CR-E5 4 cylinder diesel engine, you can look forward to minimum vibration, low noise and excellent fuel consumption
  • Automatic DPF regeneration for reduced down-time and maintenance thanks to an increase in service intervals for both the regeneration filter and ash cleaner.
  • Kubota’s Auto Idling System is fitted as standard. When control levers are left in neutral for longer than 4 seconds, the system automatically reduces the engine to idling RPM.
  • Routine maintenance is made simpler with access to all main engine components positioned on one-side for easier and quick inspection.

  • Kubota’s load-sensing 2-pump hydraulic system ensures smooth operation regardless of load size for greater fuel economy.
  • Two auxiliary circuits come as standard with precise oil flow programmable for specific attachments (up to five oil flow rates) into the memory of the digital display panel. The system comes with nine pre-installed attachment icons.
  • The high spec model has an electronically controlled 3rd line hydraulic return that is automatically activated when the operator selects breaker mode on the digital panel in the cab.

  • The dozer float function makes ground finishing work faster and easy. After back filling, simply travel backwards along the covered ditch with the dozer in the float position.
  • The tight tail swing of the U56-5 makes it easier to carry out operations in confined spaces.

  • A well-balanced machine with a powerful digging force of up to 42.3kN gives you the power you need to work efficiently even in difficult conditions.
  • The two-speed auto-shift feature automatically adjusts speed and traction force depending on load size and terrain, providing smoother turns and dozer work.

  • A wide, spacious cab is designed for comfort with wide door access and ample footspace.
  • The U56-5 offers superb all-round vision including a skylight and easy-open gas-assisted front window and air conditioning for improved productivity.
  • Additional noise reduction materials in the engine compartment and cab floor reduces operational sound to 74dB, protecting the operator’s hearing and providing a less stressful working environment.
  • Features include a double-adjustable air suspension seat*, enlarged foot space, and ergonomically shaped pedals, all designed to provide the optimum working environment.
  • A compact keypad places all of the main switches on the right side of the operator for easier access.
  • A 7-inch full colour digital display screen features Kubota’s Intelligent Control System. Accurate displays of all necessary readings - such as routine maintenance alerts, engine temperature and a 90-day usage
    register (for machine hours worked) – are all at the operator’s fingertips.
*Available on high specification models only.

  • Bright LED work lights - with a programmable, delayed turn-off – ensure a safe exit from the machine at the end of the day.
  • A highly visible orange seatbelt and alert function encourages the operator to wear the seatbelt.
  • An optional rear-view camera, fitted as standard on the high spec model, significantly improves working visibility towards the rear of the mini excavator by displaying the view on a 7” LCD screen in the cab.
  • An optional travel alarm warns nearby workers when moving.
  • The swivel negative brake locks the top frame in position when the engine is stopped or the pilot control safety lever is raised.
  • The U56-5 is fitted with anti-drop safety valves on the boom and arm as standard. The boom valve is also a boom-lowering control device.
  • To ensure operator safety, the machine will only operate when the safety control lever is engaged.
  • The machine is fitted with an overload warning buzzer.
  • Additional top frame tie down points ensure safe securing of the machine whilst being transported.
  • Roll-over Protective Structure (ROPS) and Operator Protective Guard (OPG, Top Guard Level I) as standard. Level II available as an option with Top Guard to maximise safety.
  • Kubota’s industry-leading, Anti-Theft System is fitted as standard. Only programmed keys will enable the engine to start up.
    Attempting to start with an un-programmed key will activate the alarm. Newly enhanced features include an alert to remind the operator to extract the key after operation, and an LED to alert potential thieves that the system is activated.