Toro HoverPro™ 500 - Steel Cutting Blade (51cm Cut)

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The Toro HoverPro 500 is a powerful petrol-powered hover mower, ideal for a medium or large garden, or for semi-professional use. This machine offers the lightness and manoeuvrability of a hover mower along with the mobility of a petrol one, allowing the operator to use the machine easily no matter what their strength or experience of use, and also to reach outlying areas of their lawn with an ease which would be beyond a traditional electric hover mower.

As the name suggests, this model’s cushion of air allows it to glide over the ground, and this and its lack of wheels make it ideal for dealing with slopes or uneven ground that would be beyond the reach or capability of a wheeled mower; indeed, this model is capable of mowing slopes up to 45°, which would be beyond the ability of many smaller, less advanced hover mowers. The air cushion and lack of wheels also minimise the risk of the 500 dropping off the grass edge, thus minimising the risk of damage and making the HoverPro 500 ideal for mowing around flowerbeds and golf course bunkers.

The HoverPro 500 has also been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. An example of this is the generous cutting width of 53cm, helping the operator to mow a large space as quickly and efficiently as possible. The mower also features a sturdy metal blade rather than a nylon line cutting system, which is both less likely to break and offers a high-quality finish. The cutting height can also be easily adjusted to between 16 and 34mm, offering maximum utility.

This machine also boasts a powerful 160cc Honda OHC engine, designed to maximise efficiency and for continuous use on slopes and uneven surfaces; its high power-to-weight ratio ensures lightness, and pumped fuel ensures constant power on even the steepest inclines. This machine can also be improved further with the addition of optional kits from Toro, such as Transport Wheels to make the machine easier to manoeuvre to and from the cutting area without you having to drag it, and Extension Handles to make working on slopes or other difficult areas even easier.

  • Exceptionally strong and lightweight ABS injection-moulded deck.
  • Better control and greater stability in extreme conditions and difficult cutting areas.
  • High power-to-weight ratio (comparable to 2-stroke engines) thanks to weight-conscious engineering.

  • Engine: Honda GCV160, 160 cc
  • Cutting Width: 51 cm
  • Height of Cut: 16 to 34 mm
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Attachments available:

Transport Wheels

Detachable wheels for easy site-to-site transport. Can also be latched out of position when mowing. Suitable for HoverPro 450, 500 & 550 models.

Extension Handles
Provides additional length to the existing handle-bars – ideal when working on slopes and around bunkers. Suitable for HoverPro 450, 500 & 550 models.