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Scatterbird MK3

The success Mk3 has now been replaced by the all new Scatterbird Mk4 with bluetooth control and unique PIN number for ultimate security.

A sturdy, purpose built bird scaring gas gun designed specifically to meet the needs of the farmer.

The Scatterbird range has for many years set the industry standard for durability. It incorporates many innovative features, including the use of UV stabilised, impact resistant polypropylene for the casing, and improved performance whilst retaining simple flexible controls. A superb all-weather piece of equipment, the Scatterbird MK3 provides excellent value for money and uniquely high performance.

The Scatterbird Mark 3’s optional adjustable legs raise the unit off the ground and allow the full force of the “bang” to be heard with maximum effect. Use of the optional internal battery is recommended to keep the wiring away from vermin and prevent flood damage to the battery and wiring. To operate the Scatterbird MK3 you will need a 12 volt battery and a cylinder of propane gas (any size of propane cylinder is suitable for use).