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The all-wheel drive wheelbarrow, Jansen MSK-800X has two powerful 800w electric motors and is therefore self-propelled. It will make your work so much easier! The 4 batteries with a total of 48V allow a working time of up to 6-8 hours per battery charge (depending on the load).

Due to the electric motor, the motor cart is quiet or almost noiseless and above all free of any exhaust gases! It is therefore perfect for working in buildings, riding stables, gardens, green areas, cemeteries and much more.

The total width of approx. 72 cm enables you to drive through conventional door openings.

The motor cart has a forward and a reverse gear, whereby the speed can be regulated continuously (max. 6 km / h forwards / 2 km / h backwards). The mechanical tipping device of the loading body ensures easy unloading. When the emptying lever is actuated, the skip tilts automatically and is reset by hand.

Thanks to the articulated steering, handling the dump truck is child's play and easy to maneuver with minimal effort!

The load volume is approx. 150 l, the maximum load is 300 kg. Inclines up to max. 15 ° are feasible when loaded! Thanks to the 4 built-in hydraulic disc brakes, the wheelbarrow can still be handled easily and safely even downhill.

The following optional equipment is optionally available for the MSK-800X dump truck:
  • Trailer / shunting coupling
  • Trough attachment to increase the loading volume
  • Lawn tyres (driving on lawns possible to protect the soil)

    Technical specifications:

    • All wheel drive
    • Articulated steering with pendulum joint
    • Electric motor: 2x 800W / 48V
    • Battery: 4 pieces (12V20Ah)
    • Payload: max. 300 kg
    • Drive trough: mechanical
    • Speed: max. 6 km / h forward, 2 km / h reverse
    • Gradeability: max. 15 ° (25%)
    • LED lighting
    • Digital display
    • Optional accessories: towbar, turf tires, trough attachment
    • Working time per battery charge: approx. 6-8 hours depending on the load
    • Charging time: approx. 8 hours
    • Total weight (dry): 263 kg
    • Weight with packaging: approx. 280 kg
    • Dimensions: 188x72x105 cm (LxWxH)
    • Dimensions: 137x80x115 cm (LxWxH)

      Please note that all Jansen equipment is sold subject to these conditions in addition to our standard T&C's.