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The Jansen JX-102RS is new to the Jansen shredder range. Thanks to its hydraulic retraction, pushing, pushing, etc. is a thing of the past; this is done by the 2 feed rollers. The speed of the feed rollers can be varied continuously using a control valve. This is important to adjust the intake speed to the diameter of the shredded material. Smaller diameters can be drawn in faster than larger diameters. Should the feed block nevertheless, the feed can be switched to reverse mode using the large bracket on the funnel. The retraction can also be switched off using this bracket. The supply takes place via the tractor hydraulics; a pressure feed and a pressureless return or a double-acting control device are required. A liter output from approx. 10 l / min is required for the operation of the feed rollers. sufficient.

The wood chipper is supplied complete with a PTO shaft. A shear pin is installed on one side of the power take-off shaft, which serves as a predetermined breaking point in the event of blockages or overloads for safety reasons. This means that larger tractors with more than 100 hp can also be used without any problems.You should have at least an engine output of 70 hp. The PTO shaft speed must be 540 rpm. be.The filling funnel has an opening at the top of 114x75 cm; in the lower area in front of the rollers, the opening measures 39x26 cm. Fresh wood up to a diameter of approx. 18-20 cm can be shredded. Many competitors give the maximum shredded material diameter equal to the dimensions of the lower filling opening, but this specification is unrealistic and can trigger the safety mechanism in the PTO shaft.The rear part of the funnel can be easily folded up and secured with cotter pins for transport.

The machine is easy to maintain; so you can open the complete flywheel cover by loosening just one screw and have access to the 4 cutting blades. These cutting knives have blades on both sides so that they can easily be rotated if necessary. The flywheel has a diameter of approx. 90 cm and a dead weight of approx. 120 kg and has attached wings, which generate the very strong pull through which the shredded material is ultimately blown out through the discharge funnel. This very strong draft means that clogging of the shredder is almost impossible.The discharge funnel has an ejection height of approx. 265 cm (plus the lifting of the lower link) and can be rotated 360 degrees. The ejection angle can also be changed very easily. The Jansen JX-102RS throws the shredded material up to 10 meters!The shredder is designed for 3-point suspension and can be used from Cat.1

Technical specifications:
  • Tractor power: min. 70 hp
  • Hydr. Flow rate: from 10 l / min.
  • Admission: 3-point from cat. IPTO: included in delivery
  • RPM: 540Number of knives: 4 knives, 1 counter knife
  • Rotor diameter: 90 cmRotor weight: approx. 120 kg
  • Length of feed chute: 140 cm
  • Max. Wood diameter: 18-20 cm (depending on the nature of the wood)
  • Height of feed chute: 60 cm (floor to lower edge of feed funnel)
  • Ejection height: 265 cmInfeed: (via tractor  hydraulics) through 2 hydraulic infeed rollers
  • Dimensions assembled (funnel open): 275x142x266 cm (LxWxH)
  • Dimensions assembled (transport position): 200x135x226 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: approx. 920 kg